How do I purchase avionic databases?

In order to purchase database you will need to log in. Once you have logged in navigate to Navigation Solutions à Databases:



Under database you will then be asked to select a tail:



You will either select a tail that exists on your account or click on Add New Aircraft to create an aircraft profile.



After you have selected your tail will see a set of devices. If you do not have devices associated with your account you will need to add a device by clicking Add New Device.



This next section will ask Where do you fly?  Here you can select one region or multiple regions in order for us to show you the most applicable coverage area options.



Depending on your avionic configuration you will be shown two options. The first is a bundle option. The bundles are all the applicable databases for you avionic in a single package. Or if you chose to purchase individual databases you will select Individual Avionics Databases.

Once you have identified the databases or bundle you would like to purchase you will simple add to your cart and check out.

The databases will be available in about an hour after purchase for download.


Visit our support page at: