How do I add coverage or TripKit to my subscription?

Proceed to online marketplace: In the upper right-hand corner click the login button:


Enter in login credentials, accept terms & conditions, and then hit LOG IN. You will be redirected back to the homepage. From there, click again on the Account icon highlighted in red above. Then click on MY SUBSCRIPTIONS.



After clicking on MY SUBSCRIPTIONS, navigate to the subscription you would like to add coverage to, and click the ADD COVERAGE button.



A pop-up box will then ask you to confirm that you are wanting to add to an existing subscription rather than start a new subscription. Click the ADD COVERAGE button and you will be taken to the screen below.



Confirm your aircraft details and then select the region for which you would like to see coverage area options. You can select multiple regions or select a single region to view coverage area options. When a region is selected you will be given two options.

  1. To add a coverage as a One Time: which is valid for 28 day from the time of purchase.
  2. To add a coverage for the remainder of the subscription period.

Once you have selected your coverage area. You will be shown all the coverage area options available. You can select multiple coverage areas or a single coverage. You cannot select the coverage area you may currently have.

Once options is selected proceed to check to complete your order.