Digital Aviation Incident Response

Dear Jeppesen Customer,

This document has been prepared to provide a clear explanation of data currency according to the AIRAC cycle, specifically for Cycle 2211, in the context of Jeppesen Mobile FliteDeck EFB charting app.


Jeppesen publishes data in accordance with the AIRAC cycle occurring every 28 days. The current cycle 2211 started 3 NOV and remains effective until the following cycle 2212 starting 1 DEC. Because Jeppesen publishes all required effective information for each cycle in advance of the AIRAC date (28 OCT revision for the 2211 AIRAC cycle), the 2211 cycle data is current and effective until 1 DEC with the start of cycle 2212.

Jeppesen sends interim updates to Terminal Charts delivered every two weeks during each 28-day cycle. These interim cycles are “effective upon receipt” and intended to be installed at the earliest possible convenience.

Jeppesen Mobile FliteDeck

Mobile FliteDeck displays an overall status message at top of the data update screen and three data types representing a variable timeline for Enroute, Terminal Charts and Manuals. The enroute timeline represents the current AIRAC cycle and will remain green during the 28-days of effectivity. The timelines for Terminal Charts and Manuals will show the expected delivery dates for the next interim update on a bi-weekly schedule.

Important: when the Enroute timeline shows green the entire EFB is still within AIRAC effectivity regardless of the colors shown for Terminal Charts or Manuals because those interim updates are optional and “effective upon receipt”.


Provided the Enroute bar is Green, it indicates that the application has all effective information for the AIRAC cycle. If the Enroute bar is green and either the Terminal or Jeppesen Manuals bar is red, then it is an indication of more current information being available and will become effective on download and installation. It does not indicate that the database is expired and cannot be used.