Crew Academy

Training for Crew and Fleet Products

Crew Academy offers courses for members of our customers’ support-teams, including planners, trackers, expert users, developers and system administrators, analysts and project managers. The courses cover everything your team members need to prepare for upcoming implementation projects and successfully maintain your crew management tools. Most courses are two days in duration and offered at our main training sites in Göteborg, Sweden and Montreal, Canada.


Learn from subject matter experts

All teachers in Crew Academy are working within their field of expertise and teaching only part time, which allows them to stay on top of the technologies and meeting all customers.

Crew Academy trains about 600 external students yearly, internal employees are trained on the same courses.

If requested, for larger training efforts we work together with our customers on Training the Trainers concepts, to make sure that course quality and content are met with the local needs of the customer in regards to location & language requirements.

Not sure which course to take?

Below we offer learning paths based on your role. Each path shows the order in which courses should be taken. Ready to view the entire schedule?

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What is the role of a planner or scheduler?

A Planner or Scheduler creates, optimizes, maintains and publishes resources, trips or rosters while maintaining minimal cost. A planner has a good understanding of the planning problem and uses both manual and automatic functionality in the Crew & Fleet management system to solve the planning problem.

Typical Tasks & Responsibilities

  • Interfaces – making sure that data is “right”
  • Scheduling / Planning
  • Setting up data needed

Training Path

Improve your planning and scheduling skills by following this defined path.

Product Introduction:

Pairing introduction

Rostering introduction

Manpower Planning introduction


Product I:

Pairing I

Rostering I

Manpower Planning I – leave

Manpower Planning I – training


Product II:

Pairing II

Rostering II

Manpower Planning II

Pairing Optimization

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