Boeing Learning Solutions

Make training more efficient

Boeing Learning Solutions help Aviation Training Organizations (ATO) and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) make training more predictable and efficient through a complete, integrated digital ecosystem that is unmatched in the industry.

Key benefits:

  • A consistent, standardized learning path from initial certification to ATP/type ratings
  • Tailored to meet multi-regulatory (EASA, FAA, etc.) requirements
  • Modular software for managing training operations and learning activities
  • Type-specific, interactive, 3D modelling and systems training facilitates aircraft mastery
  • Flexible and customizable content
  • Integrate your own content

Boeing Learning Solutions provide customizable, aircraft-specific content and training management

Professional Aviation Training is a powerful learning system that enables ATOs to deliver standard or customized theoretical learning content aligned with a robust questionnaire database for all license and training levels. Programs include:

  • eACADEMY – Theoretical content delivery portal
  • eEXAM – Secure examination portal for evaluation of student knowledge
  • eAIRCRAFT – Dynamic aircraft familiarization (custom aircraft-specific)

The Academy Management System is a modular software solution designed to simplify operations and learning activities. Related products include:

  • Planner – Course management system
  • Admin – Personnel record management
  • Booking – Resource booking and communication system
  • Aircraft Manager – Aircraft asset management/records
  • Flight Ops – Electronic logbook system
  • Practical Flight Training – Tablet-based for flight training record-keeping management
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