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Boeing Learning Solutions provides a powerful and robust learning system for individuals as well as Aviation Training Organizations (ATO). Our ab-initio learning content, interlinked with an extensive question database, can be used for self-study, ground school and distance learning – or a combination of all of them. Programs currently include EASA-based content for pilots (PPL/IR/CPL/ATPL) and technicians, and FAA-based content for private and commercial pilot training, with additional FAA content in development.

With Boeing Leaning Solutions, we’re able to deliver an all-in-one solution that’s user friendly and provides offline availability on your Windows, MacOS or iOS devices (iOS functionality is only available to ATOs at this time). It’s scalable for a wide range of operations, including global organizations, and is well-suited to remote areas thanks to the offline functionality.


Academy Management System

The Academy Management System is a modular software solution designed to simplify operations and learning activities through a controlled learning environment and content delivery portal.

Key benefits include:

  • Ad-hoc assignments and scheduled content publications
  • Asset management and scheduling assets (aircraft, classroom infrastructure and personnel)
  • Organization management
  • Course management
  • Document database management


eAircraft, our dynamic aircraft familiarization program, is an interactive and multi-media module designed to support aircraft-specific learning content for pilots and technicians.

Key benefits include:

  • Enhances understanding of complex aircraft systems
  • Photo-realistic 3D animations and audio displays
  • Customizable
  • Supports instructor-led classroom training and student self-study

Capabilities for self-study

Independent Learning Environment

  • Engaging learning materials
  • High quality animation elements
  • Cloud-based device synchronization
  • Offline availability/remote workplace

Independent Question Trainer

  • Constantly updated FAA and EASA-FCL catalogs
  • Cross-referenced learning materials
  • Training statistics
  • Offline availability/remote workplace
  • Examination preparation
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