Jeppesen Operator

Evolve your flight operations scheduling system to be more integrated, enabled, connected and optimized than ever before

Operator is a complete, end-to-end web-based solution that consolidates all your operational support systems (crew scheduling/aircraft management and flight/trip planning) into one seamless solution to meet the unique requirements of your business aviation, charter, private jet and corporate needs.

More than 80 years of aviation charting and 40 years of trip and flight planning expertise helped shape Operator, and it’s built upon the three flight planning tenets of precision, flexibility and cost efficiency to help you realize operational excellence.

Everything in one place

Operator places all of the information and functionality your team needs just a few mouse clicks (or finger taps) away. For example, complex interdependent tasks like crew and aircraft scheduling are combined into one view to provide all the information needed to ensure consistent cost-effective operations.

Operator advantages include:

  • Everything in one place—no more patching solutions together from disparate flight operations management systems
  • Situational awareness improves your entire aircraft schedule operation
  • Flexible scheduling interface options to meet your operational needs
  • Powerful schedule optimization is available as an option
  • Scalable to grow as your fleet, corporate or private jet needs change
  • Cloud-based for high availability, exceptional scheduling performance
  • Simplified flight trip planning with self-service flexibility and concierge FliteSupport Solutions from Jeppesen just a click away
  • Vendor direct messaging streamlines request for ground support services
  • Integration with your fleet maintenance systems
  • Business intelligence data enables you to analyze, track and improve efficiency
  • Flight planning, weather and NOTAMs
  • Jeppesen Personal Assistant app keeps your flight crews connected

Jeppesen Personal Assistant

Your flight crews stay connected with operations personnel through the Personal Assistant mobile app. Personal Assistant works with Operator to provide essential flight information in a quick-reference format. Flight crews are alerted when new trips are assigned or change and can see at-a-glance: assigned flights, aircraft type, trip status, crew and passenger information, weather and more. Pilots can also enter flight and logbook times, which are automatically uploaded to Operator. Personal Assistant also works with International Trip Planning Services.

How can Operator help you?

Need backup? Our pros are just a click away.

Jeppesen FliteSupport Services offers customized solutions when you need extra help beyond the self-service functionality in Operator. We can take on parts of a trip, or handle every detail of even the most complex international operations.

  • Full-featured International Trip Planning Services
  • Connected with Jeppesen Personal Assistant mobile app
  • 24/7/365 aircraft dispatch support
  • Cost efficient fueling at over 3,500 airfields around the globe
  • Overflight/landing permits, customs, ground handling and more
  • Credit/rebill services let you take advantage of our established credit around the world

Want to know more?

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