Global Outreach for Community Improvement

Enriching our communities around the globe

As a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Boeing Company, Jeppesen is dedicated to corporate responsibility through ongoing philanthropy and global engagement. We “give back” by seeking to enrich and improve both individuals and communities around the globe. Our ongoing outreach efforts are manifested in strategic philanthropic funding, partnerships with nonprofit organizations, and employee volunteerism.

Dedicated to giving back to our communities

Our employees apply the same core values that have led to our company’s success for over 80 years to their communities by giving generously of their time, knowledge and money. By incorporating that dedication with the collective expertise, financial resources and commitment of Jeppesen, we promote growth and generate economic value across the neighborhoods, nations, and industries that we serve.

Our financial commitment to lasting community impact

Due to an increase in outreach and support, we have exhausted our allocated 2019 Global Engagement funds.  We are still taking applications for in-kind donations of products and services. Please complete our online request form for consideration.

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