Jeppesen Mobile QuickClear

Simple, secure and quick U.S. Customs compliance

Jeppesen and Airside Mobile, makers of the popular Mobile Passport app, have partnered to bring you Mobile QuickClear. General and business aviation pilots now have a simple iPad app to manage the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) process for international arrivals/departures. Mobile QuickClear steps you through the entire process, from building a manifest, to securely importing passenger and crew information via Mobile Passport, to transmitting the manifest to CBP and ensuring overall compliance.

Mobile Passport

High speed, low drag

With Mobile QuickClear, there’s no more manually collecting passport information and manually filling out manifests on the CBP Electronic Advance Passenger Information System (eAPIS) portal.

  • Accurate electronic passport information is securely scanned and transferred using Mobile Passport
  • Approved by CBP for seamless APIS manifest submissions over the CBP eAPIS network
  • Access detailed airport customs information from Jeppesen’s comprehensive database
  • Passport data is securely managed by your mobile device

Mobile QuickClear is free download from the App Store, and payment is made via credit card on a per-use basis each time you file an APIS manifest. The introductory fee per filing is $9.99.

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