Jeppesen FlitePlan Online

CUSTOMER NOTICE: Beginning December 31, 2020, FlitePlan Online will be sunset and no longer available for usage. However, customer data will continue to be available within the JetPlan Engine tool, which can be used to run flight plans with one of the alternate interfaces. For more information, please review our FlitePlan Online Sunset FAQs or visit the Jeppesen Support Portal.

Flight planning, simplified

Developed with direct input from pilots like you, FlitePlan Online enables business aviation professionals to run and file flight plans quickly and easily with an intuitive, web-based interface. A simple, modular workflow presents all relevant data in a single package. FlitePlan Online fulfills your needs to streamline the flight-planning process, reduce costs, improve fuel efficiency and maintain or improve safety standards.

Our solution shares flights between the web and FMCs by consolidating all relevant flight information in one place for flights anywhere around the world. This reduces your time spent on flight planning, improves situational awareness, accelerates decision making, and is accurate, auditable and secure.

Even the most complex flights are made easy and fast

Thoughtful, user-informed design has resulted in a product that is second to none in usability, functionality and dependability, with features including:

  • Thoughtful user interface features such as autopopulating fields and multiple search parameters
  • Advanced route optimization for better fuel efficiency, lower operating costs and accurate flight plans
  • Generation of ERAD-, ETOPS- and over water-compliant flight plans
  • Planned routes overlaid on graphical current and forecast weather

Efficiency drives value

FlitePlan Online makes your entire operation more efficient through:

  • User-defined custom flight plan formats
  • Less manual data entry for increased speed and fewer chances for error
  • Multiple-scenario analysis with recently cleared routes and automatic Eurocontrol validation
  • Jeppesen data – the most accurate, reliable and trusted in the industry

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