Jeppesen Fuel Dashboard

This is fuel savings made simple.

Fuel Dashboard gives you a comprehensive, total-fleet view of operational fuel consumption. This smart application is part of our easy-to-implement fuel-efficiency solutions suite that offers broad savings opportunities. Airlines, business aviation operators and military organizations can use Fuel Dashboard to gain insight into current fuel usage through all phases of flight. This visibility enables better decision making to reduce fuel consumption, costs and emissions, giving you an opportunity to decrease fuel consumption up to four percent.

With Fuel Dashboard, you get easy-to-understand depictions of fuel consumption details and comprehensive analytics. In order to truly save in your fuel usage, you need as much information as possible. This tool gives you the most accurate and complete fuel picture available by incorporating all of your airline operational data, from flight plans to QAR or electronic journey log books to weather. You can analyze more than 600 parameters derived directly from your operational data and quickly drill down to see flight-by-flight comparisons for each fuel saving initiative. See fuel usage across your entire fleet, no matter what you fly.

Not just for dispatchers

Our companion Pilot Insight app provides flight crew insights on their fuel performance and the value of making operational adjustments.

Advanced fuel reporting specific to your needs

Fuel Dashboard gives personnel across your operation customizable reporting and system interfaces that are tailored to them. Fuel Dashboard is a solution you can rely on to deliver:

  • Scalability: Fuel Dashboard is an agnostic tool that works with operators of all sizes and fleet types.
  • Visibility: Transparency of data quality means accurate savings opportunities, allowing you to confidently prioritize and execute fuel initiatives
  • Advanced analytics: Enhanced analytics track more than 600 unique parameters per flight. We use actual binary QAR data for the whole flight to reach higher fidelity in calculations
  • Enhanced optimization: Unique capabilities that allow you to compare your actual performance to plan, while also comparing your plan to an optimized flight plan
  • Focus: Operationally focused with dedicated interfaces such as the Pilot Insight iOS app to support your internal communications and fuel program uptake
How do I identify fuel savings opportunities in my operation?

In the first year, Flybe saw a 2% saving per sector from using Fuel Dashboard," said Edward Pomfrett, Flight Efficiency Project Pilot for Flybe. "An excellent return on investment against an ambitious savings target.

$3.4 Billion in Tech-Enabled Savings

For commercial airlines, every savings opportunity is meaningful. Find out how transforming each part of your operation with a digital solution can help you save billions of dollars each year.

Fuel Dashboard and the Flight Data Analytics suite

Learn how connected apps like Fuel Dashboard lead to connected ops within the full Boeing Flight Data Analytics suite by checking out our webinar series. Discover how this suite of solutions can be leveraged to help you run the most efficient, safe, and reliable operations.

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