Jeppesen Emissions Reporter

Stay in the clear with emissions compliance reporting

Emissions Reporter is an easy-to-use CO2 emissions reporting tool for international aircraft operators of all sizes and fleets. This smart application is part of our suite of fuel efficiency solutions that identifies broad opportunities to reduce fuel consumption, costs and emissions. This tool accurately manages data from thousands of flights to ensure compliance with existing EU-ETS regulations and new CORSIA regulations, meeting the needs of operators, data verifiers and regulators.

Emissions Reporter advantages include:

  • Streamlined monitoring: a single input template for both regulation types
  • Inbuilt data verification: find and fix data errors quickly and efficiently
  • Automatic report generation: just click and send!
  • Secure, flexible and available: this web based tool is always accessible, allowing you to work whenever and wherever suits you

Informed by expertise

Emissions Reporter helps to quickly and easily meet the mandatory legislative requirements of CORSIA (Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation) – ICAO’s approach to managing carbon emissions from aviation. Built on experience gained from supporting airlines meet their EU ETS (Emissions Trading System) requirements, which we continue to support, our solution is an essential tool for business and commercial operators of all sizes. 

Leading in delivering emissions reporting solutions

Since the advent of the EU ETS scheme back in 2012, we have been at the forefront of delivering emissions reporting solutions. We have been involved in the development of CORSIA since its inception and continue to evolve the Emissions Reporter tool to help airlines meet their mandatory requirements:

  • Data transparency and integrity help ensure your carbon emission reports are accurate and correct
  • Meet the legislative requirements and pay for only the emissions you need to keep your carbon costs to a minimum
  • Emissions Reporter has been redesigned for CORSIA with a new simple transparent reporting structure, while still being able to support EU-ETS requirements in the period when both schemes are active

Emissions Reporter and the Flight Data Analytics suite

Learn how connected apps like Emissions Reporter lead to connected ops within the full Boeing Flight Data Analytics suite by checking out our webinar series. Discover how this suite of solutions can be leveraged to help you run the most efficient, safe, and reliable operations.

CORSIA is here now. Are you fully prepared?

Do you operate internationally? If so, you may need to comply with the International Civil Aviation Organization’s Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation.

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