Airspace simulation and modeling

Partnering with you on complex airspace simulations

Airport infrastructure projects can cost hundreds of millions of dollars. Today’s airports are complex systems where all functions must work in concert to achieve the greatest operational efficiency. Our consultants, and our planning and simulation tools, help ensure your investment is the right solution at the right time.

Solutions for the global aviation industry

Designed to provide 3D and 4D data integration and visualization, we have a proven track record of helping major airports, airlines and service providers achieve substantial savings, operational efficiencies and reduce operational and project risk.

  • Increase airspace capacity
  • Enhance ATM planning
  • Reduce aircraft fuel burn
  • Decrease airline operating costs
  • Enhance air traffic predictability

In-depth knowledge and industry-leading technology

We are a leading developer of advanced airspace and airport simulation, decision support and scheduling systems. Using our sophisticated range of software products, combined with more than 80 years of expertise in the aviation market, we offer unsurpassed consulting and simulation solutions to customers worldwide.

Our comprehensive design studies identify potential capacity issues, noise impact, and airline delay constraints, including ways to minimize disruption impacts during construction phases of airports. We have strong track record of performing major analysis of entire airspace regions to help countries prepare for higher traffic, and we can also help airports and airlines simulate airspace needs to drive greater capacity and more environmental efficiencies.

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