Procedure and Airspace design

Airspace design expertise for even the most complex scenarios

Increased air traffic demands are continually being placed on airspace, resulting in the need for redesigned airspace structures to optimize efficiency, capacity and accessibility while enhancing environmental sustainability and maintaining high safety standards. We offer you the experience that comes from working with the world’s most complex situations in every aspect of airspace design.

Helping you keep up with what’s next

Every airport, airline and service provider has to deal with growth. Bigger aircraft fleets and more flights mean you will have to find new ways to manage these demands while still being able to accurately predict ROI. Our experts at Jeppesen can partner with you to meet the associated operational and technical challenges, while still meeting business objectives. We can help you:

  • Increase operational efficiencies and competitive advantages through customized flight paths
  • Refine airspace and airport accessibility
  • Improve safety and situational awareness
  • Log fewer flight miles and reduce fuel burn
  • Enhance the business case for capacity expansion through feasibility studies
  • Make better business decisions through multiple options, including cost analysis

Industry-leading airspace design

The world’s leading aerospace companies count on Jeppesen’s unequaled airspace design experience and full suite of industry-leading solutions to create an edge against growing competition, regulatory expenses and shrinking margins. We can pinpoint where your airspace can be optimized, then recommend proven practices that generate extraordinary results.

Supporting fast and cost-efficient decisions

Moving from conventional navigation operations to performance-based navigation (PBN) is the future. We work with you and your regulator to build a compliant required navigation performance (RNP) application for operational approval. Plus, we offer complete design of precision and non-precision approaches and departures

We support you along every step with start-to-finish development services including survey management, feasibility studies, airspace designation, coordination with regulatory organizations and ongoing evaluation criteria. We’ve collaborated with the world’s largest emerging-market countries and airports to increase their airspace capacity planning while reducing their emissions.

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