Air Traffic Management Technologies

Solutions for today’s advanced navigational capabilities

We continue to support the future of air travel with numerous systems designed to improve the management of air traffic, accuracy of flight navigation and compliance with regulatory requirements. In addition, we are one of only two companies in the world certified by the FAA to design, validate and maintain public Required Navigation Performance (RNP) and Special Aircrew and Aircraft Authorization Required (SAAAR) procedures in the United States.

Simple solution from start to finish

To help reduce risk and scope creep, we offer a turnkey solution. Our air traffic solutions can manage every phase of the engagement, starting with an ICAO-qualified survey all the way through flight validation and implementation.

The Jeppesen advantage

  • Coordination with regulatory authorities and compliance with requirements
  • Enhanced airspace efficiency
  • Refined airspace and terminal accessibility
  • Airspace capacity improvements
  • Reduced fuel consumption and decreased emissions
  • Improved safety levels and situational awareness
  • Identification of affordable air traffic management (ATM) solutions through feasibility studies

Gate-to-gate control

We deliver trusted results for any level of project, anywhere in the world—from guiding a single instrument approach procedure through design and successful implementation to redesigning an entire ATM system.

Our airspace design and evaluation services are customizable to fit your specific needs. We can deliver terminal and enroute airway design to support NDB, VOR/DME, TACAN and radar installations, plus all forms of precision approaches, including ILS (all categories) and GLS. Our start-to-finish development support services include survey management, feasibility studies, airspace designation, coordination with regulatory organizations and an option for ongoing criteria/obstruction evaluation.

Want to know more?

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